Jesse van Winden

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Studio on view: 14 May, 10-18h

Interested in global and local stories and histories of capitalism, I develop methods based on archival, text, and field research. They find shape as a work of writing, image-making, conversation and performance – observing and imagining social lives on earth, perceiving and conceiving modes of encounter.
"A spectre is haunting Europe", Marx and Engels wrote in the preamble to the Communist Manifesto: "the spectre of communism". A spectre? The buzz, a wandering soul that finds no rest without a body – the Communist Manifesto was intended to give shape and voice to a new international movement. Today, the mild, regulated 'domestic capitalism' of the artist-researcher's youth, of the neighbourhood shop, construction company or hotel (not a franchise of a multinational) seems more like a ghost. Capitalism that has been overtaken by a form that is difficult to fathom. Characterized by a privatized public sector, huge tax-free profits via non-transparent P.O. box constructions, hostile takeovers in the interest of shareholders without considering the impact of their profit forecasts on man or nature, and new opportunities in the increasingly abstracted realities of blockchains, NFTs and Metaverses, capitalism seems to have entered a new phase.

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Francesco Cepparuli, Truth Opens the Eyes of the Blind, 1744. Engraving. - Research image from Why is Everything Becoming so Expensive?, 2020
A Spectre is Haunting the Building, 2022. Clipboard
A view of Boulevard Pachecolaan, Brussels, 1980. Photo: Brussels Capital Region, Inventory of Architectural Heritage Research - image from A Spectre is Haunting the Building, 2021
A Spectre is Haunting the Building, 2022. Clipboard

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