Aline Forçain

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Coming from an agricultural background, Aline Forçain is interested in the gap existing between an imagined landscape and the fact of consciously living within and with nature.

She especially creates graphic landscapes, on the edge of figuration and abstraction, in which her creative gestures engage temporalities inspired by natural rhythms. Her artistic research is therefore oriented towards an aesthetic of detail in relation with our human condition and against Western pace. It is an ode to manual activity that our contemporary society tries to make invisible thanks to the exploitation system.

She also seeks to transmit a vibratory frequency through the accumulation of detail and through colour, to apprehend the auratic character of art by sharing emotions of a sensitive or spiritual nature. She intertwines four dimensions including body, emotion, mind and intellect to conceive art objects close to human sensitivity. They invite the viewer to wander the territory of the representation not to forget who we are.

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Aline Forçain

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