Inside the studios of Hyun Dekempe

How defining is your studio for you? With this question we approached some participants of Atelier in beeld for our magazine Kunstletters. Today: Hyun Dekempe and Lies Daenen.

My dream atelier? The Booktower in Ghent (at the very top). 

Hyun Dekempe

Do you have a fixed working method in your studio? 
I arrive in my studio and I get it dirty. Everything stuffed. After which I have to clean up. A recurring neverending story. 

What is your favourite object in your studio? 
My scissors. The first object I grab to cut the signature of my work.  

What material do you prefer to work with? 
All kinds of paper and canvas. Composing the textures and coarseness of different types is a quest. 

What does your dream studio look like? 
The Booktower in Ghent (at the very top). 

Does your studio define the work you create?  
Content-wise, no. For the size of the work, yes. 

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