Jana Vasiljevic

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Multidisciplinary artist with a background in storytelling and illustration, as well as community arts. Born to a Serbian father and West-Flemish mother, the different cultural backgrounds and experiences always had a great influence on her practice, both in terms of form and content. In her work Jana alternates between an independent practice, intimate works with focus on personal stories; and a collaborative practice, in which she activates and participates in communal projects that she considers to be of a wider importance for our communities.

Jana took part in various projects, workshops, exhibitions, and residencies at the HIAP (Helsinki), In De Ruimte (Gent), Street Gallery (Belgrade), Die Angewandte (Vienna), Galleri Storck (Oslo), PA-F (St. Erme), Kunsthal (Gent), and others.

She works part-time at the LUCA School Of Arts where she co-runs the printmaking studio; is a member of the collectives Tieten Met Haar and Les VoiZines, whose focuses lie in alternative comics, small-press and self-publishing; and is the founding member of the Garden Of Delights collective - an art collective exploring the hidden structures and power dynamics underlying unrecognized and invalidated labour.


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